Name: Truman

“The Trumanator”

Breed: Aussie-Mix

Age 16

DOB: Nov. 17, 1998


Greg Gustafson

Favorite activities:  Chasing lights, flyball, hanging out with or going for car rides with Daddy.  Where ever Daddy is, that’s where Truman wants to be.

Doesn’t care for: Cats, swimming, or “drive-bys”

Points to date: 55956

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Truman’s latest titles: FG50K,  Iron Dog

Best time: 4.3 seconds

It was love at first site for Truman and I when we met in January of 1999, and we’ve been buds ever since.  When Truman was two years old, he started competing in flyball and a year later had over 7000 points.  He would run 4.3-4.5 seconds, not the quickest on the team but arguably the most reliable.  He would never cut out or come back without the ball.  Now, at 12 years of age and 55000 points later,  Truman still loves to play flyball but has slowed to the 5 - 6 1/2 second range and runs primarily on Veteran’s, or as a back-up dog on our Regular or Multi-breed teams.

Update:  Although he loves flyball, Truman knows that he’s not up to it and is enjoying retirement.  He still goes to tournaments and supports his team mates.  He likes to hang out with his Daddy and the team.

Truman passed away early in 2015 from cancer. from when it was first noticed a white spot on his gum until he was gone was less than three weeks.  Dear God, I miss that boy!  Im waiting, as I'm sure he is, for our tearful reunion at Rainbow Bridge!   DogSpeed Truman, you were “my boy”...

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