Name: Sydney

Breed: JRT

Age: 11

DOB: 2003


Nancy Nolette and

Linda Robertshaw

Favorite activity: Swimming and playing with balloons

Doesn’t care for: Being alone

Points to date: 5445

Sydney’s latest title: FDCH-G

Sydney came to Las Vegas by way of Florida.  When she was 5 ½ years old, her family needed to find her another home.  In January 2008 Syd found her forever home and became a companion to Tess, our other JRT rescue, who needed a mentor.


During the summer of 2008 Sydney learned to “dive” and swim and to fetch a cloth ball.  She loves the water and will swim anywhere to anyone in the water.  Sydney loves guys (and Linda) because they will play tough with her.  When Syd is being ignored, her range of vocalizations are amazing.


Syd is motivated by food, balls, food, balloons, and tug toys.  She loves to play “balloon” every day.  If you forget, she will steal and bury your socks somewhere else.  Playing flyball gave Sydney a job and a needed outlet for her never ending terrier energy.

Sydney’s best time 5.0 sec.

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