Name: Stryker

Breed:  Spaniel-Mix

Age: 10

DOB: Jan 10, 2001


Greg Gustafson

Favorite activities: Stryker likes to stir up trouble with his brother and sisters. 

Doesn’t care for: Changes around the house, things out of place, or loud noises.

Points to date: 3271

Stryker's latest title: FDCH-G
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My name is Stryker.  I was 8 weeks old when I was rescued in San Diego, in March of 2001.  When I was 9 months old, my Daddy started my flyball training and when I graduated, I was top dog in my class.  The week before I was to race in my first tournament (in San Diego), I started having seizures.  My Daddy took me to see several doctors, then to UC Davis where I was diagnosed with a shunted liver; whatever that is. They operated on me and closed me back up and gave me 6 months to a year to live as the problem with my liver wasn’t repairable.

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My Daddy kind of lost interest in having me continue with flyball but always took very good care of me, prayed for me a lot, and he has never missed giving me my medications and special food.  As a result, my condition is under control and I am living a very normal life (I even forget that I  have that stupid liver problem).  Anyway, my Daddy started All American Racers two years ago, worked with me and got me back up to speed.  In no time, I was running solid, in the mid 5 second range and will run for anyone, in any position on my team.  I have raced in 4 or 5 tournaments and have a whole bunch of points to show for it.  I’m a very lucky boy and am having a lot of fun racing with my friends on AAR, thanks to my Daddy.
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Sadly, Stryker passed away on Sept 8th, 2011 and is patiently waiting for his daddy at Rainbow Bridge.  We loved you Strykerboy...