Sophie A Gogo is a 6 year old “performance” Golden Retriever. She comes from a strong line of Champion “performance”, also known as “field” Goldens from Emberain Kennels in Petaluma, CA.  She has been playing flyball for four years but only early in 2008 developed a decent flyball work ethic and now, loves to compete.  I guess she had a lot of puppy in her!  Sophie loves to swim and spends most of the summer in and out of our pool.  She loves to run and dive too and I’ve considered dock diving competition for her in the future.  When she isn’t swimming, Sophie “rides herd” on her brothers and sisters.  Mostly though, Sophie is just a big sweet love sponge.

Name: Sophie a Gogo

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: 13

DOB: June 20, 2004


Greg Gustafson

Favorite activity: Flyball, swimming, and tussling with Bobbi.

Doesn’t care for: ?

Points to date: 12680


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Sophie’s latest title: FMX, IRONDOG
Gogo, the early years.Gogo.html

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