Name: Rocket

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: 11

DOB: November 6, 2006


Cathy Deloreto

Favorite activity: Working, swimming, and flyball

Doesn’t care for: Having his ears cleaned

Points to date: 6727

 Rocket is a 7 year old field golden and his is dad has a master hunter title.  Rocket is very smart and would have been a good service dog as he learned to get ice cubes for the ice maker, open doors and retrieve thing all by himself.  I sometimes think he is human because he really understands what I say, He loves to swim , both on the surface and underwater. Rocket has a lot of energy and has a wonderful work ethic. When he calms down, I hope to show him in obedience.   He knows most levels of obedience but just does not like to do the “sit” and “down” for 5 minutes.  I love my big boy!

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Rocket’s latest title: FM

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