I had met (Screamin’) Mimi several weeks prior while doing a rescue dog “photo shoot”  for Julie from Bark in the Park.   While returning from a tournament in Elk Grove,  Julie had transmission trouble and had to have her van towed home.  I dropped off my trailer, unloaded my truck then we loaded Julie s racers and rescues into my truck and drove them to her place.  We were locking her gate when I saw Mimi making a break from the place and was running down the driveway after us.  Julie asked me if I would take Mimi home and she would pick her up at my house later that evening.  I agreed and the rest is history.  Mimi moved in and has taken over...the household and our hearts.


Name: Mimi

“Screamin’ Mimi”

Breed: Bosthuahua

(Boston Chihuahua Mix)

Age: 7

DOB: August 9, 2010


Greg Gustafson

Favorite activity: Snoozin’ on Daddy’s lap

Doesn’t care for: ?

Points to date: 3340

Mimi’s latest title: FDCH-G