K-Cee came into our lives unexpectedly when a friend notified me of a young BC in need of a “forever home”.  Let me tell you, this wild girl has had me pulling my hair out many times and she has a terrific herding instinct.  She is very fast and “gets” flyball. Her main problem was that after she has returned with the ball, she drops it and wants to go back to the box for another.  Virtually all of her other issues are behind her now.  K-Cee has had a number of successful heats and is becoming a valuable team mate but is far from a solid competitor...but she’s getting there!

2016  K-Cee is one of the fastest dogs on AAR, gets killer starts (or passes) and runs solid all day long in the 4.3 range (even the last heats on Sunday)!

She has a baby brother Devo, that keeps her fit and trim as they are always sprinting around Park Place, or swimming.


Name: K-Cee


Breed: Border Collie

Age:  7

DOB: July 4th, 2010


Greg Gustafson

Favorite activities: Swimming, and hangin’ with Daddy when not racing around the house terrorizing her brother and sisters.

Doesn’t care for: Waiting

Best time: 3.9

Points to date: 15742

K-Cee’s latest title: FMCH
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