Name: Izzie

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog

Age: 3

DOB:March 8, 2010


Jodi Baur

Favorite activity: Anything that includes balls and water

Doesn’t care for: Loud noises or sharing Mom

Best time: 4.6 sec

Points to date: 3190

Izzie’s latest title:  FDCH-G

Izzie came to me at 7 months old with boundless energy and few manners. Within 3 months he was officially a foster failure and joined our pack. Izzie originally trained in obedience, conformation, herding and agility. When a teeter slammed next to him while taking a jump it escalated his fear of noises and agility was a thing of the past. He was introduced to flyball in 2011 and began training in 2012. It didn't take long for it to click and now "flyball" is one of his favorite words!

In 2013 at his first tournament (Bay Racers) in Vallejo, CA, Izzie ran flawless and earned 791 points for his first tournament! He’s one amazing boy!

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