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Heidi was selected from a litter of 10 puppies (5 females).  She was the inquisitive one and very active as compared to the rest of the litter.  She is my second Weimaraner, having bought the first one in 1954.  Since there is no hunting around the Fresno area, I decided she needed an outlet for her energy and we discovered flyball in August of 2007.

Heidi caught on quickly and learned the sport after 3 sessions.  Since then, she has competed in many tournaments, accumulating over 9500 points!  Her fastest time is 4.6, and she averages about 5.0.   She is always very enthusiastic and ready to compete in practice and tournaments.  Heidi enjoys the camaraderie of the other dogs on the AAR racing team.  She loves traveling and keeps her Dad company on the long trips to the various tournaments.

Heidi retired from Flyball last year (2015) and is enjoying being spoiled by Mom and Dad!

Name: Heidi Von Fries

Breed: Weimaraner

Age: 11

DOB: Jan. 22, 2006


Bob Fries

Favorite activities: Chasing tennis balls during her half-hour training session

every morning (rain or shine), and chewing leashes in two.

Doesn’t care for: Aggressive dogs

Points to date: 13482

Heidi’s latest title FMX

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