Name: Devious Soldier of

            Fortune  “Devo”

Breed: Mix

Age: 2

DOB: May 23, 2015


Greg Gustafson

Favorite activity: Anything that includes balls, water, or K-Cee

Doesn’t care for:

Best time:

Points to date: 21

Devo’s latest title:  FD

Devo was born in Carson NV, one of four litter mates of his mom, Resource, a Whippet and daddy, Ransom, a Border Collie, both working dogs that excel in all types of dog sports.  He came into our lives 8-9 weeks later in Scotts Valley and is progressing rapidly in his flyball training.  Devo is going to be a super addition and add some much needed speed to All American Racers.

Check back for updates on this rocket ship!

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