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Name: Daisy Mae

Breed: (Chiweenie terrier) Mix

Age: 3

DOB: July 16, 2008


Juli Earheart

Favorite activity: Squeeky toys, chasing her two feline sisters, and if it can be thrown, she’ll fetch it... Like, what-ever... Girls just want to have fun!

Doesn’t care for: ?

Daisy was found waiting to be adopted at The Madera Shelter’s booth at the Madera Fair, and we were able to adopt her when she was 8 weeks old.  She and the rest of the litter had been brought to the shelter shortly after being born.  She was the only female of the litter and is a bit of a “tomboy”.  Having been recently introduced to flyball, Daisy’s proving to be a quick study. Keep your eyes on this cutie-pie and this site for updates.

E-Mail Daisy at : idezpatchem@aol.com

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