Name: Bobbi Sox

“The Flying Soxer”

Breed: Border Collie

Age: 9Yrs.

DOB: September 9, 2007


Greg Gustafson

Favorite activities: Smiling at people, playing flyball, swimming and playing with (tormenting) her sister, Sophie.

Doesn’t care for: Being alone.

Points to date:26704

Bobbi’s latest title: Onyx

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Fate brought Bobbi Sox and I together when we met and I adopted her from the CCSPCA, in August of 2008.  I had been cruising the adoption kennels while waiting for a drawing on another dog that was the “dog of the week”.  After not winning the drawing for the other dog, I got Bobbi out of her kennel, walked her around the courtyard, she seemed like a nice dog.  Still bummed from not getting the dog I had come for, I put Bobbi back in her kennel and left.  I got less than a mile down the road and thought “why didn’t I take Bobbi right then”!  I decided if she was still there the next day, I would adopt her.  She was and I did.  Bobbi started her flyball training in November and learned the flyball box Thanksgiving weekend.  By January, she was ready and ran her first tournament in Irvine, CA where over the two days got 593 points and three titles.  I just love this sweetheart... She was a fantastic find!