AAR V2 PLUS  Practice Tree



The  AAR V2 Plus has two rows of lights mounted 90〫apart for greater daylight acuity. Because of the lamp placement, cameras can be set up on both sides of the ring for greater versatility.

The AAR V2 Plus system, comes programmed with both NAFA and U-FLI lamp timing sequences.

In operation using the AAR standard 2 button remote control;  the “A” button when pressed, starts the NAFA timing program. When the  button marked “B” is pressed the U-FLI timing sequence starts.  In practice, the remote control has routinely started the lamps from 60’ back, meaning your starting dog’s handler can start the sequence if necessary!

Because of continuous R&D along with incentives from various suppliers, I have been able to lower the prices on these systems along with making the dual programming and remote operation standard for both the V1 and V2 Plus. (My previous customers have been notified so that their systems are eligible for a free upgrade to the dual programmed system.)

Introducing the all new V2 Plus Practice Tree

The AAR V2 Plus starting light system is  $ 489 *

12 Month warranty

Both systems include the De-Liar measuring rod

* plus shipping and handling.

E-mail your order to   dropdad@aaracers.com

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